Our Club Offers “New-Bees” These Resources

  1. Our club has a “new-bees” meeting typically once a month, at a different venue from our normal meetings. There is usually an educational topic presented by someone from our education committee or an experienced beekeeper, but it also allows you to share with others that are also just beginning. This is a much smaller group from our typical meeting – usually around a dozen “new-bees”. Our newsletter bulletin has details on where, when, and topic covered.
  2. During the summer we also have a program where a group of beekeepers visit several of our member’s apiaries, led by someone experienced, so you can have a hands on field learning experience.honey-bee-643876
  3. Our club also has a mentor program where we attempt to pair someone up with an experienced beekeeper [depending on geographic and time constraints].
  4. Periodically, we also have a Beekeeping 101 class thought by our own Sandy Holcomb.idea-1876659